420 Pitch - (Honda GROM) Colored Sprockets

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420 Pitch - (Honda GROM) Colored Sprockets

Warning! CAT5 sprockets are custom made and are not eligible for return. If you are unsure of the appropriate size or pitch, please email: tech@thestuntfactory.com

-Color anodized in black, blue, or red with silver cut-outs.

-Made with highest quality 7075 T6 aluminum- the best grade material for light weight and durability. The weight saved on drive components is multiplied as rotating mass. Less roatating weight improves acceleration.

-CNC Machined to tightest tolerances. Unique manufacturing process creates a perfectly concentric sprocket every time. This frees horsepower and extends the life of both chain and sprocket.

-Perfected tooth design has less drag and reduces friction for better acceleration and deceleration.

-Dont see your model listed? Please email us for ordering instructions as we carry sprockets for any make/model. Tech@TheStuntFactory.com