Dual Fitting (Junction Valve) Rear Hand Brake Kit: (Honda Grom 2014-2018)

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Product Description

Dual Fitting (Junction Valve) Rear Hand Brake Kit: Honda Grom 2014-2017

-This Dual Fitting Rear Hand Brake Kit contains everything you need to gain control of the rear brake with a left handed lever, while maintaining all the function of your foot pedal and rear caliper.

-Unlike thumb-operated rear brake systems that typically offer about 25% braking force, our system is able to deliver approximately 90% of pedal-operated braking force.

-We use a high quality Brembo master cylinder (not an off-brand, upside-down-mounted, master cylinder off who knows what bike). This means you are already starting with the best - no 'upgrading' required. Using a billet fitting inserted into the stock foot master cylinder means you retain all the action of the foot pedal.

-You also get the best braided brake lines made - HEL. Your HEL line is made in the USA with a Teflon inner hose wrapped in braided stainless steel, covered with a durable PVC coating, and permanently swaged stainless steel fittings. All kits come with Stainless Steel banjo bolts and new crush washers. All HEL lines come with a tranferable Lifetime Warranty. If you don't get a Lifetime Warranty on a brake line you shouldn't purchase it.

-All you'll need is brake fluid.

-The ALL NEW EZ Pull Shorty Clutch Cap/Lever (Dominator Clutch Cap) installs on the top of the Hand Brake master cylinder and eliminates the stock, clutch perch and lever. This brings your levers closer together and allows for greater adjustability. The added features of the new Dominator clutch cap are: True Easy-pull Feel, Stronger more ergonomic lever, position adjustment on clutch lever, and choice of color.

*Optional Line Colors from HEL available.

Kit Includes:
Brembo Left Handed Master Cylinder/Reservoir
Dual Fitting (*For adapting to your foot master cylinder)
HEL Stainless Steel Brake Line (*Color of your choice)
Stainless Steel Banjo Bolts
Copper Crush Washers
Installation Instructions

For Hand Brake Kit Installation Instructions Click Here

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