Dual Fitting RHB Shorty Clutch Cap (Dominator Clutch Cap)

Item# GP-25
Cap and Lever Color Choice: 

Product Description

ALL NEW Shorty Clutch Cap, new and improved! Also known as the 'Dominator' Clutch Cap.

This is the Shorty clutch cap from our Dual Fitting RHB Kits for the Brembo hand brake master cylinders.

A Shorty Clutch Cap installs on the top of your brembo master cylinder and allows you to eliminate the stock, cable-type clutch lever and perch. This allows for greater adjustability of your levers and brings your levers close together. It also allows you to retain the signal indicator switch on most models for a Street Stunt bike. With this setup, nothing changes on the bar.

The added features are-

- True Easy-pull feel

- Stronger, more ergonomic lever

- Position adjustment on clutch lever

- Choice of color (both cap and lever) - Ti, Black, Red, Blue, Green, Gold, Copper, Orange, Purple

*Only compatible with the GP Tech/ Brembo hand brake master cylinders.