FreeStyle Ingenuity Engine Protection Cages

About Freestyle Ingenuity - Like many other companies, the start of Freestyle Ingenuity (FI) was literally by accident. After several of my own personal mishaps resulting in costly damage to my street bike, I began research to develop a better way to protect my bike. This came in the form of an engine protection cage. As I had hoped, over the next several months, the cage prevented thousands of dollars worth of damage to my street bike when it contacted the ground. This unexpectedly resulted in producing engine protection cages in great quantity due to the fact that almost everyone that saw the cage asked me to build them one.

Since opening the doors in September of 2002, we have grown from one employee and custom building a few items each week, to several employees and the involvement of five manufacturing companies. The advertising we have done is through competitions, shows, magazines and our website. We are now carried by The Stunt Factory and have a broad network of dealers worldwide.

Please Note: All FreeStlye Ingenuity Stunt Cages are custom made to order and generally take Approx. 2-3 weeks to manufacture and ship from the shop.