Hand Brake Junction Valve with Line

Item# GP-32
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Product Description

-This kit contains everything you need to gain control of the rear brake,(NO Master Cylinder) while maintaining all the function of your foot pedal and rear caliper.

-Unlike thumb-operated rear brake systems that typically offer about 25% braking force, our system is able to deliver approximately 90% of pedal-operated braking force.

-This system does not require any additional brake caliper to be welded on.

Kit Includes: Coated Stainless Line Machined from Billet/Junction Valve/ Anodized Fitting/ All Banjos and Crush Washers.

*Please Note: R6 03-05, R6s 06-09, R1 04-08 require the exchange of a stock foot master cylinder from an earlier model. We carry them used for 60.00. Please email for ordering instructions.