New Breed Sub Cage: Honda Grom MSX125 2014-2016

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New Breed Sb Cage: Honda Grom MSX125 2014-2016

Our Grom MSX125 subcages are designed to offer less fatigue while performing stand up wheelies, the cheater position gives you a higher center balance which allows for easier wheelies!

A subcage is a necessity when looking to stunt ride your bike, so we beefed up our subcages with a 1" Steel tube construct with a set of 1.50" pegs. This allows for a solid platform when in a standing position.

Our subcages are made to support your subframe as a solid structure, providing protection from rollovers in highside situations. Beefy 1.5" pegs with aluminum sliders provide optimal positioning for stand up wheelies!

Please allow approx 4 weeks as all of our New Breed Products are custom made to order.

All our cages include Grade 12 hardware. Also Includes Delrin plastic pucks.