Racing 905 Stunt Stay (Honda CBR 600rr) *50% OFF

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Product Description

New Racing 905 Stunt Stay

Fits: 2007-2011 Honda CBR 600rr

Arm yourself with the Racing 905 stunt stay bar.

The stunt stay is a bar mounted across your cluster (where your speedometer, etc. is located) that makes it easier to do technical stunts. It allows for added comfort & control, providing another touch point to hold on to when doing stunts. The stunt stay replaces your factory fairing stay that hold the gauges and mounts to the mirrors and headlight. Usually the stock fairing stays are made of plastic and/or cast aluminum which breaks very easily (especially when you come down hard from a wheelie) Our stay is made out of metal, so it does not break or crack when coming down hard on the front end of the bike.

-Heavy duty construciton allows for greater control.

-Easy installation makes it a great add-on for any sportbike owner

-Made From Cold Drawn 1018 Carbon Steel

-Replaces stock faring stay with no modification

-Ability to mount stock headlights, gauge cluster & mirrors

-Support bar constructed under the windscreen for additional strength

-No Welding Required

-Powder Coated Gloss Finish

-No plastic modification required.

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