Vortex V3 Dirt Handlebars 7/8

Item# VX-40
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Product Description

Vortex redefines strength with its V3 Handelbars for MX and SX Applications. 29% Stronger than the compeitition, you can ride with confidence knowing that Vortex has out years of research, development and testing into these super strong bars without sacrificing weight and speed.

Also available are Colored V3 Crossbar Pads for an additional 19.95.


"MX 7/8": 805 Width, 90 Height, 52 Rise, 200 Center, 53 PullBack, 9.3 Deg Riser Angle, 12.9 Deg Pull Angle, Part Number HB811K.

"MX Low 7/8": 805 Width, 80 Height, 42 Rise, 205 Center, 55 PullBack, 9.7 Deg Rise Angle, 13.9 Deg Pull Angle, Part Number HB883K.

"SX 7/8": 803 Width, 99 Height, 66 Rise, 195 Center, 56 PullBack, 8.2 Deg Rise Angle, 13.8 Deg Pull Angle, Part Number HB806K.

"SX Straight 7/8": 808 Width, 83 Height, 58 Rise, 190 Center, 38 PullBack, 6.6 Deg Rise Angle, 10.0 Deg Pull Angle, Part Number HB954K.

Whether you use the 7/8 or the Oversized bar, Vortex has all the bends you need. The shotpeened aluminum bars are available in black or silver and all come with a black Vortex bar pad. Colored bar pads are also available. Both sizes of bars come with knurling, degree markings, and are made of the highest quality 2014 T6 Aluminum for the 7/8 bar and 7075 T6 Aluminum for the 1 1/8 bar. All Vortex bars are shotpeened to increase strength and minimize fatigue. Bar ends are counter bored to accept hand guard inserts.

7/8> The new Vortex 7/8th handlebar features a new forged clamp, all new bends, ultrapolished throttle end, and a super-snug bar pad with inverted design.

OS> Check out the newest bends for the our oversized bars including the Star Oversized, Solitaire Oversized, and the J Murph Special for Flat Track.

When Vortex decided to manufacture MX Bars, strength was a key issue. So, not only was the highest grade of aluminum used, but on the 7/8 bar we created a unique clamp that has proven to be incredibly durable though light weight. On the 1 1/8 bar we employ a manufacturing method that keeps the wall thickness consistent through out the entire bar, unlike our competitors who go with a cheaper method of manufacturing that results in a thinner wall as it tapers towards the ends.