Accossato Master Cylinders: (Clutch Side / Rear Hand Brake)

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Accossato Master Cylinders: (Clutch Side / Rear Hand Brake)

Loved by stunters and racers worldwide, the Accossato 16x18 radial clutch master cylinder for sportbikes feature a fixed, or folding standard length RST lever with anti-drag inlet hole. The forged aluminum cylinder is stronger and lighter than stock cast units for maximum reliability. Accossato has been producing Italian made sportbike components for original and aftermarket use since 1969.

This hydraulic clutch master uses a 16mm diameter piston and fixed standard length RST lever which features an anti-drag inlet hole machined into the lever end for the passage of air at high speed.

Accossato produces race quality clutch master cylinders and braking components using a 100% quality-control process mandating all core components to be inspected under a microscope before assembly, pressure calibrated, and vacuum tested upon final assembly.


Fixed Lever: 16x18

Material: Pressure Forged Aluminum

Piston: 16mm

Surface Protection: Anodized

Standard Fixed Lever w/ RST Part#: ACC-LV002N-18-L-RST

Short Fixed Lever Part#: ACC-LV002N-18-C

Exclusive Three (3) Year Limited USA Warranty

We recommend the mounting kit which comes with new reservoir, bracket, hardware, and tubing. Or, you can use stock reservoir but will need 6mm Tygon 2375 Tubing and 2 3/8" Spring Clamps.