Driven Racing Universal Clutch Perch

Item# 427480889

Product Description

Driven Racing Universal Clutch Perch


REQUIRES AN 06-16 R-6 LEVER - can accommodate any '06-'16 Yamaha R-6 stock lever. Available in black with the adjustment mechanism available in 5 anodized colors of black, gold, red, blue, and silver.

The Halo Clutch Perch is made out of billet aluminum. A one finger adjustable knob with a spring and ball detent, cable control adjustment. You can adjust your clutch cable while riding without removing your hands of the bars using one finger.

A custom made out of stainless steel pivot bolt and bushing is also included. Each unit comes with an adhesive plastic strip that when install on the bar under, the perch will twist when hit upon to prevent breakage or excessive damage. The unit comes complete with all the hardware you will need to install on your bike.

This clutch purch will fit all bikes with a cable actuated clutch.