Stunt Combo Package: Racing 905 Crash Cage AND Sub Cage AND Stunt Sprocket Kit

Item# SP-5
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Product Description

Stunt Combo Package Includes:

Racing 905 Crash Cage (Comes with Sliders)


Racing 905 Sub Cage


Vortex Racing 520 Pitch Stunt Sprocket Kit

Chains are EK SRX2/MVXZ appropriately rated for the bike which they are intended for.

Please Note: Crash Cage/Sub Cage shipped separately from Drive Kit. All Drive Kits ship within 24 hours. Please Note: All Racing 905 Products are custom made to order and generally take Approx. 4 weeks to manufacture and ship from the shop. UPS Tracking will be sent once the order leaves the warehouse. If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to contact us -