Vortex 'Power Up' Sprocket Kits: HONDA CBR500 2013-2018

Item# VPUSKH112
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Product Description

Vortex 'Power Up' Sprocket Kits: HONDA CBR500 2013-2018

Choose your sprockets and colors for your custom 'Power Up' kit.

All kits come complete with front sprocket, rear sprocket, chain, and master link.

Sprockets are Vortex CAT5 available in Black, Blue, Silver, and Red.

Your choice of chain colors from Vortex and EK Chain. We send our chains appropriately rated for the bike they are intended. We also send them with extra slack so you can get your perfect desired length during installation and remove any additional links.

All kits generally ship within 24 hours. In the rare occasion a part is back-ordered we will notify you immediately with the current ETA.

Honda CBR500 OEM Gearing: 15/41 520 Pitch

For our tutorial on selecting the right sprockets and chains and also the differences in pitch size, please our FAQ page.